About Us

Al Fouzan Technical Services provides statutory testing for regulations compliance and shut down maintenance services, with the additional provision of replacement personnel if required. The importance of a reliable and seamless power supply is the engine-room of any operation and Al Fouzan appreciates more than anyone the need for an extensive service provision to ensure business carries on unaected by change. No task is too complex, whether it will be a complete control system upgrade or an entire power station in need of maintenance or rebuild after years of use. Al Fouzan can also supply temporary power generation if required during the course of the upgrade process. Safe and reliable operation of equipment is absolutely paramount and Al Fouzan makes it their priority to inspect, le reports, repair and calibrate circuit breakers, contractors, transfer switches, engine devices - such as exhaust gas thermocouples - and ancillary equipment to accompany these installations. Al Fouzan will also apply thermal imaging cameras to record and locate hot spots in panels and equipment.

Al Fouzan appreciates the importance of expedient response times and takes pride in responding at extremely short notice, no matter how remote the location.

Our Mission

A team of individuals working together, who are passionately committed to providing the best customer experience with open communication, innovative and proven solutions with reliable safety and quality customer service. Equally, we strive to develop, buildup and impact our teammates, clients and those in our community.

Our Philosophy

We believe that quality leadership and the right people coupled with integrity and a passion for excellence create a company-wide philosophy for mutual success. We have set a high level of expectation for ourselves and for the integrity of those we serve, and we vow never to compromise those standards.

Our Core Values

Safety, making Zero Accidents a reality... Home safe Everyday Excellence, is in everything we do Integrity, is our cornerstone People, building a legacy & developing the leadership for tomorrow Stewardship, being accountable for all that we do with all that we are given.!